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Administration - Provides all secretarial and administrative services for the church including sending and receiving correspondence from and to other organizations and churches.

Adult Choir - Glorifies God, enhances the worship experience, and supports the preaching of God’s Word through inspirational music.  


Audio/Video - Supports all audio and visual aspects of church services to include recording most services onto CD’s so that people listen to them for future reference.

Children’s Church - Provides care and education of children during Sunday worship to give them an understanding of the Word of God.

Church Orientation - Assist new members to learn about their salvation and beliefs of Mt. Olive.

Dance - Provides training to saints of all ages for praise and worship through dance to magnify and glorify God.

Deacon/Deaconess - Serves the church and assists the Pastor, Assistant Pastor, and Associate Ministers in managing all aspects of the church outside of the pulpit (Acts 6:2-4).  They must fit certain biblical criteria in order to be a successful spiritual leader in the church, and they are chosen solely by the Pastor.

Drama - Performs dramatic plays that entertain and educate saints and is open to church members of all ages.

Facility - Supports the needs of the sanctuary by providing cleaning, maintenance, etc.

Financial Team - Provides the fiscal services for the orderly operation of all church functions and ministries.  They must possess financial experience to enhance the management of God’s resources.

Greeters - Embodies agape love by welcoming members and visitors to Mt. Olive.

Hospitality - Provides catering for all church ministry’s social affairs including food preparation, dining setup, and the cordial reception of visitors in the sweet spirit our Lord.

Information Technology - Support the technology needs of the church.

Kingdom Citizens - Supplies leadership for ministries that seek to provide Biblical wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to saints of all ages.

Marriage Ministry - Helps married couples within the church to spend quality time together and let them know that the Bible teaches that men and women must join together in a union as one flesh.

Men's Ministry / Brother-to-Brother - Fellowship in a godly manner in order for the men to lead by example in our homes, in our church and in our community.

Missionary - Reaches out to those who are in need, such as those stricken by disaster, bereavement, and/or sickness both within the church and the greater community.

Pastor’s Aide - Supplies the needed support to the Pastor in various avenues and events such as anniversary services, conferences, etc.


Photography - Uses photography to document our church history and events as well as support other ministries with visual art. 


Praise Team - Leads the congregation into an atmosphere of worship by inviting the Holy Spirit’s presence with songs of praise.

Preachers - Communicates the truths of the God’s Word and provides information into life changing knowledge for others, which build up the body of Christ.

Public Relations - Interacts with the public through local newspapers, television stations, community radio, etc. to convey the warm hospitality and agape love expressed at Mt. Olive.


Sunday School - Teaches members to deepening their understanding of God’s will and power and transforms people to learn to grow in their commitment to stewardship. 

Taking It to the Street - Serves the community by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an informal yet personal manner according to the commands of the Lord to “go into the hedges and highways” (Luke 14:23) and to “seek and save that which is lost”(Luke 19:10).

Transportation - Provides safe, timely transportation using the church van for church members in need from their homes to church or to any other distant church functions.

Ushers - Provides direction to all congregants and visitors for the systematic functioning of services and stand ready to provide for whatever needs might arise during church services (Psalms 84:10)

Welcome Center - Intakes new members by recording their contact information, as well as, taking their pictures and places them on our church roll.

Women’s Ministry / Sister-to-Sister - Unites the women in Christian love so that each may become a virtuous woman of God (Proverbs 31:10-31).

Youth Choir - Sings praises and worship from our children every fourth Sunday.

Youth in Action - Includes activities and events that provide a safe, effective and entertaining environment for spiritual enhancement of our children.

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