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Join us each Wednesday at 7 p.m. for Virtual Bible Study to learn about how to walk by faith and not by sight, which is our church theme for 2022. 

Chapter Eleven of Hebrews presents a list of names of seventeen men and women who walked by Faith and pleased God. They all had one thing in common with you and me, and that is they all had problems. These people are listed in Hebrews Eleven because, in the midst of tremendous problems and crises, they demonstrated faith in God’s promises. Hebrews Eleven has been correctly called, “Faith’s Hall of Fame”. Over the next several weeks, we will be studying these great heroes of faith.

January 12th - Lesson 1: Hebrews Chapter Eleven

January 19th - Lesson 2: Abel vs. Cain


January 26th - Lesson 3: Enoch 

February 9th - Lesson 4: Noah

February 16th - Lesson 5: Abraham

February 23rd - Lesson 6: Isaac

March 2nd - Lesson 7: Jacob

March 9th - Lesson 8: Joseph

March 16th - Lesson 9: Moses

March 23rd - Lesson 10: Joshua

March 30th - Lesson 11: Rahab

April 6th - Lesson 12: - Winning the Race of Faith


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